Fissidens Fontanus 2"x2" MAT

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Fissidens Fontanus, is a rare aquarium moss native to the Americas. This is one of the most sought after mosses. It's surprisingly hardy and therefore it is able to adjust to different water parameters. Its appearence is absolutely stunning - lush bright-green moss with feather like leaves.

This is a plant that will grow best when attached to any aquarium surface, including - driftwood, rocks, and ornaments. It's a great alternative to other mosses as it is much more appealing.

Propagation is done by division - simply divide little pieces and attach them in different locations.

Purchase Size: 2"x2" MAT

Care :
  • Tank size(Minimum): 5 Gal
  • Care: Easy
  • Temperature: 70-82
  • PH: 6.5-7.8
  • Max Size: 4
  • CO2: Not Required
  • Lighting: Medium-High

DISCLAIMER: It is the buyer's responsibility to know what plants are allowed/legal to keep in his/her state. Before purchasing do some research and make sure you are allowed to keep this particular plant species. You should always follow your State's laws regarding keeping live aquatic plants. 
Do NOT release any plants into the wild.

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