JC&P Aquarium Complete CO2 System ProSeries

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Why JC&P Pro Series Complete CO2 System?

  1. High-quality Regulator that will allow consistent flow rates and output pressure.
  2. Premium CO2 diffuser that break down CO2 into fine mist
  3. Comes with 3 years Warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction
  4. Instead of searching for all the gears you need for your CO2 system. This kit provides everything you need to inject CO2 into your planted aquarium.

Thread Fitting:

CGA320 thread suitable for Canada and USA consumer (need adapter for paintball tank or W21.8, G5/8 fitting)


CO2 Kit Includes:

  • Pro Series CO2 Regulator with Integrated Solenoid
  • Bubble Counter with Built in Check Valve
  • CO2 Proof Tubing
  • CO2 Diffuser 


Why JC&P CO2 Regulator?

- Regulator with high precision needle valve that provides very consistent gas pressure release. Which means pressure release will stay the same every time it is turn on and the pressure release will always stay the same while it is on. You will not need to worry about the pressure release increasing or decreasing all of a sudden.

- Premium design, material and products.

- 3 years warranty and 100% Customer Satisfactions!


How to Check CO2 Pressure?

High pressure gauge: (meter on the left) Display the pressure of your CO2 Tank. Full Tank should be at 1000 psi (70~ kg/cm2)

Low pressure gauge (meter on the right) It display the pressure distributing to the fish tank.

Meter Reading:

- psi value is shown in the inner circle

- kg/cm2 value is shown on the outer circle


How to Set Up Your CO2 Tank?

  1. Connect the regulator to your CO2 tank (make sure the valve is closed)
  2. Tighten the connections with a wrench
  3. Turn on your CO2 Tank Valve by turning the knob one full circle
  4. Check the High pressure gauge (meter on the left) to see your CO2 tank pressure
  5. Leave the CO2 tank valve as it is.


How to Adjust the Amount of CO2 into your Aquarium?

  1. Add water into the bubble counter and connect the bubble counter to the CO2 regulator
  2. Connect bubble counter to the air tube (make sure air tube is connected to the diffuser on the other end)
  3. Turn on the Needle Valve slowly to release CO2 into the tank
  4. Once the needle valve is turn on, check the Low pressure gauge (meter on the right) It displays the pressure distributing to the fish tank.


Recommendations: Bubble Counter Display the amount of CO2 release from the regulator. Recommendations: 1~ bubble/second for every 10 gallon

Example: 20 gallon planted aquarium would need 2 bubbles per second.



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