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【Key Features】Self-Priming Functions, Quick Disconnect Valve, Quiet Pump, Easy to set up, Complete Mechanical and Biochemical Medias, Large Canister Capacity for flexible media selections.

【Enhanced Filtrations and Warranty】Large Filtration Capacity provides enhanced and stabilize biological, chemical and mechanical filtrations. We provide 2 years warranty and 100% Customer Satisfactions.

【Adjustable Flow Control】Adjustable flow control is built in the inlet valve. Filter comes with Spray Bar for wider flow distributions or Strong Outflow Opening.

【Multi-Stage Filtrations】Comes with complete biological, chemical and mechanical medias which can effectively filter fish wastes and removes harmful toxin & chemical, ammonia and nitrites from your aquarium.

【Specifications】Canister Internal Volume: 1.2 Gallon. Internal Dimension: 6.5” Diameter x 9.25” Height. Tubing: 12’/3.6 m. Pump Power: 14 Watts. Flow Rate: 211 GPH. Suitable for Aquarium size up to 50 Gallon. Designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Biological and Chemical Filtrations:

★ 10 in 1 Biomedia provides biological and chemical filtrations:

★ Removes ammonia and Nitrites. Absorbs heavy metal, odors and toxins.

★ Clarify Water, stabilize pH, increase dissolved oxygen, allows maximum water flow

★ Millions of porous that’s perfect to cultivate beneficial bacteria and nitrifying bacteria

Mechanical Filtrations:

★ Can fit up to 3 layers of sponges and 1 layer of filter floss for plenty of Mechanical Filtrations.


Filter Specifications and Dimensions:

✔️ Canister Internal Volume: 1.2 Gallon // 4.6 Litres

✔️ Internal Dimension: 6.5”/16 cm Diameter x 9.25”// 23 cm

✔️ External Dimension: 7.6” // 19.5 cm Diameter x 10.5” // 27 cm

✔️ Tubing: 12’/3.6 m (1.8 m each for outflow and intake pipe)

✔️ Pump Power: 14 Watts

✔️ Flow Rate: 211 GPH // 800L/H

✔️ Suitable for Aquarium size up to 50 Gallon

✔️ Designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Why JC&P Canister Filter?

  • Separate filter from the aquarium. Let your aquarium look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Provides better filtration than hang on back filter and internal filter
  • Comes with Complete Bio, Chemical and Mechanical Medias. Great for biological, chemical and mechanical filtrations. It can store 2 times more filter medias than hang on back filter that is suitable for the same aquarium, therefor it only needs to be clean once a month.
  • Canister filter has volume of 1.2 gallon to store filter medias, sponges and floss. It is suitable for aquarium up to 50 Gallon
  • Quick Disconnect Valve (for easy cleaning and adjustable flow rates)
  • Quiet Pump
  • Self-Priming Functions (just need to fill up the canister with water)
  • We provide 2 years warranty and 100% customer satisfaction.


What’s in the Box

1 x Canister Filter

1 x Quick Disconnect Adjustable Flow Valve

2 x 1.8 m tubes

2 x Outflow/Inlet Extensions

1 x Intake Pipe

1 x Outflow Pipe

2 x Tube Tightener

1 x 10 in 1 Biomedias

3 x Sponge Layers

1 x Filter Floss Layer

2 x Filter Flow Support

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