JC&P CO2 Proof Tubing (16 Feet)

Size: 16 feet
Sale price$15.99


CO2 tubing is essential for transferring CO2 to your aquarium. It is critical to use the right CO2 tubing to properly transfer all of the CO2 into your planted aquarium without any CO2 leaking or tube kinks.

CO2 tubing is an often overlooked essential of your CO2 setup. Many user made the mistake of using regular aquarium air tube or silicon air tube to connect the regulator to diffuser. CO2 can leak thru regular air/silicon tubing.

 Product Features:

  • CO2 resistant tubing, leak proof
  • Tubing designed specifically to use with CO2 regulator system. Kink free and odorless
  • Precise fitting to CO2 regulator and diffuser to prevent tubing from popping off during high pressure
  • 4 mm inner diameter, 6 mm outer diameter for perfect fitting for CO2 regulator (adaptable to sponge filter, air pump and air stone)

Product Includes:

16 feet long Aquarium CO2 tubing

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