JC&P CO2 Splitter 3-Way

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  • 3 way Splitter capable of distributing CO2 into 3 different aquariums
  • Stainless Steel body, premium quality splitter for precise and safe controls.
  • High precision needle valve that will allow consistent flow rates and output pressure
  • Suitable with JC&P bubble counter and CO2 regulator


How to Set up the Splitter?

  1. Before you start: Turn off the needle valve for the CO2 regulator and splitter
  2. Connect the bottom of the splitter to the JC&P CO2 regulator and tighten it with a wrench (it’s not compatible with other co2 regulator)
  3. Optional: install the bubble counter onto the splitter
  4. Turn on the needle valve on the regulator then turn of the splitter needle valve to release CO2 into your aquariums


Why CO2 Splitter?

CO2 tanks and regulators aren't inexpensive, and the CO2 equipment for several planted tanks will add up quickly! Instead of purchasing multiple CO2 tanks and regulators, simply use a splitter! A CO2 splitter allows you to distribute CO2 injection into multiple planted tanks using a single CO2 cylinder tank and regulator. Simply connect the splitter to your CO2 regulator and you're ready to go! We recommend using the splitter with bubble counter for the best results. (Each sold separately)


For aquatic plant growth, three factors are critical. One of them is CO2. If your CO2 is unbalanced, algae have the potential to grow and overtake your planted tank. In a planted tank, CO2 provides the boost that aquarium plants need to survive and grow rapidly. They can also out-grow algae for food supplies in the aquarium because of the CO2 boost. CO2 in a planted tank promotes bushy growth and enhance plant color and health, which is something that all aquarium hobbyists strive for.

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