JC&P Stainless Steel In/Out Pipe with Surface Skimmer 16/22 mm

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JC&P Stainless Steel Pipes provide a sleek and elegant design and are resistant to scratches, rust, and substance buildup. The Pipes are very sturdy, low-maintenance, easy to clean and can withstand acidic to alkaline parameters. The outlet pipe flow direction can be adjusted for improved filtration, and the flow can be adjusted to reach all areas of your aquarium.

 The Built in Surface Skimmer provides a clean water surface by removing oily film residue and surface debris. It provides better CO2/oxygen exchange and greater light penetration. It is a great additional filtration for your aquarium’s surface.


  • Fits 16 to 22 mm tubing
    Pipe Diameter: 1.6 cm
  • Inlet Surface Skimmer: 22 cm (extend up to 33 cm)
  • Outlet Depth: 16 cm
    (Adjustable Flow Direction)

Package Includes:

1 x Outflow Lily Pipe
1 x Inflow Lily Pipe
2 x Acrylic Stand
1 x Acrylic Surface Skimmer

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