• Live Stock - If you receive anything but a healthy plant/animal, take 2 or 3 pictures in its unopened sealed bag and get in contact with us within 4 hours of the arrival of the package. We will get back to you after we've successfully examined all the pictures. If the plant(s)/animal(s) is(are) indeed damaged or melted/dead, we will gladly send you a replacement or we'll refund you if the item is no longer in stock. Guarantee gets voided if delivery is not made on the first attempt. Please, be home to receive your live animals.

NOTE (Plants): It is extremely rare to receive dead/melted plants, but if there is a big delay by the carrier on the package there is a possibility that it can happen. Some plants will even go a week in the box with very little humidity and no light, and be just fine. 

NOTE (Snails): Upon receiving your snails, you may notice that they aren't moving. This is normal! When snails are shipped they become very stressed and their method of defense is to retrieve their bodies into the shell. After taking the necessary pictures, put them in your aquarium and wait a couple of hours. They should adjust and start working right away. (If a snail dies during shipping, its body will hang out the shell)

    • Dry Goods - Shipping cost on Dry Goods Returns to be paid by the buyer.
    • Shipping - After contacting us, and after we give you the green light to return an item, you can do so by shipping the item to the address we will then provide to you. Do NOT send any items without contacting us first.


    We will not refund or replace any damaged item claims if proper pictures are not shown as stated above!


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