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Potted plants

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Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus Callitrichoides) POTDwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus Callitrichoides) POT
AquaticMotiv Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus Callitrichoides) POT
Sale price$5.99 Regular price$6.99
In stock, 15 units
Save 11%
Hygrophila Araguaia (Hygro Lancea 'Araguaia') PottedHygrophila Araguaia (Hygro Lancea 'Araguaia') Potted
AquaticMotiv Hygrophila Araguaia (Hygro Lancea 'Araguaia') Potted
Sale price$7.99 Regular price$8.99
In stock, 18 units
Pearl Weed (Micranthemum Micranthemoides)Pearl Weed (Micranthemum Micranthemoides)
AquaticMotiv Pearl Weed (Micranthemum Micranthemoides)
Sale price$6.99
In stock, 32 units
Staurogyne Repens POTStaurogyne Repens POT
AquaticMotiv Staurogyne Repens POT
Sale price$6.99
In stock, 13 units
Anubias Nancon Potted
AquaticMotiv Anubias Nancon Potted
Sale price$6.99
Only 4 units left
Save 14%
Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'
AquaticMotiv Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'
Sale price$5.99 Regular price$6.99
In stock, 22 units
Save 20%
Crypt Pink Flamingo PotCrypt Pink Flamingo Pot
AquaticMotiv Crypt Pink Flamingo Pot
Sale price$19.99 Regular price$24.99
Sold out
4 Cryptocoryne Potted (Assorted pack)
AquaticMotiv 4 Cryptocoryne Potted (Assorted pack)
Sale price$19.99
In stock, 39 units
Lobelia Cardinalis (Cardinal Plant 'Dwarf') PottedLobelia Cardinalis (Cardinal Plant 'Dwarf') Potted
AquaticMotiv Lobelia Cardinalis (Cardinal Plant 'Dwarf') Potted
Sale price$7.99
In stock, 36 units
Juncus Repens - PottedJuncus Repens - Potted
AquaticMotiv Juncus Repens - Potted
Sale price$6.99
Only 8 units left
Foreground Beginner Bundle Pack of 3 Pots
AquaticMotiv Foreground Beginner Bundle Pack of 3 Pots
Sale price$16.99
Only 7 units left

Nerite Snails

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3 O-Ring Nerite Snails (Neritodryas javanica)
AquaticMotiv 3 O-Ring Nerite Snails (Neritodryas javanica)
Sale price$12.99 Regular price$14.99
Sold out
Save 20%
3 Hair Nerite Snails
AquaticMotiv 3 Hair Nerite Snails
Sale price$11.99 Regular price$14.99
Only 5 units left
3 Tiger Nerite Snail (NERITINA SEMICONICA)3 Tiger Nerite Snail (NERITINA SEMICONICA)
AquaticMotiv 3 Tiger Nerite Snail (NERITINA SEMICONICA)
Sale priceFrom $9.99
In stock, 65 units
3 Zebra Nerite Snails (NERITINA NATALENSIS)3 Zebra Nerite Snails (NERITINA NATALENSIS)
AquaticMotiv 3 Zebra Nerite Snails (NERITINA NATALENSIS)
Sale priceFrom $9.99
In stock, 31 units
3 Lightning Bolt Nerite Snails
AquaticMotiv 3 Lightning Bolt Nerite Snails
Sale price$11.99
Only 3 units left
Save 31%
3 Batik Nerite Snails (Neritina c. Variegata)3 Batik Nerite Snails (Neritina c. Variegata)
AquaticMotiv 3 Batik Nerite Snails (Neritina c. Variegata)
Sale price$8.99 Regular price$12.99
Only 8 units left
3 Olive Nerite Snails3 Olive Nerite Snails
AquaticMotiv 3 Olive Nerite Snails
Sale priceFrom $5.99
In stock, 89 units

Aquarium caves

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Hygger Aquarium Tree TrunkHygger Aquarium Tree Trunk
Hygger Hygger Aquarium Tree Trunk
Sale price$9.99
Only 5 units left
Hygger Aquarium Tree LogHygger Aquarium Tree Log
Hygger Hygger Aquarium Tree Log
Sale price$12.99
Only 6 units left
Aquarium Hideaway CaveAquarium Hideaway Cave
AquaticMotiv Aquarium Hideaway Cave
Sale price$9.99
In stock, 15 units
Natural Ceramic Cave - CamelNatural Ceramic Cave - Camel
Pleco Ceramics Natural Ceramic Cave - Camel
Sale price$13.99
Sold out
Natural Ceramic Cave - MediumNatural Ceramic Cave - Medium
Pleco Ceramics Natural Ceramic Cave - Medium
Sale price$13.99
Only 1 unit left

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