Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina

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Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina also known as just Alternanthera Lilacina, is a background plant native to Central and South America. This unique plant is quite hardy but requires stable water parameters. When grown submersed this plant develops elongated super bright-pink leaves and pink stems. Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina is a gorgeous variety of Alternanthera Reineckii and when compared to it, it has slightly longer, and thinner leaves. The pink coloration is also brighter.
Avoid uprooting as much as possible.
Provides great shelter for shrimp and small fish.

Care :
  • Tank size(Minimum): 10 Gal
  • Care: Easy
  • Temperature: 74-82
  • PH: 6.5-7.5
  • Max Size: 8-12"
  • CO2: Not required
  • Lighting: Moderate 

DISCLAIMER: It is the buyer's responsibility to know what plants are allowed/legal to keep in his/her state. Before purchasing do some research and make sure you are allowed to keep this particular plant species. You should always follow your State's laws regarding keeping live aquatic plants. 
Do NOT release any plants into the wild.

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Frank Davis
Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina

The plants arrived in excellent condition, Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina is doing well in my tank. I do plan to continue ordering more plant from your company.
Thank you

Item descriptions claim shipping is Monday...

Item descriptions claim shipping is Monday thru Wednesday but mine was shipped on a Friday and sat in the post office all weekend.

Arrived in great condition! Would recommen...

Arrived in great condition! Would recommend

I've ordered from this seller multiple tim...

I've ordered from this seller multiple times over the years and I have never been disappointed. Shipping is always fast and plants are always healthy. I have never had an issue with snails with any of the plants or disease. I will continue to order from the seller exclusively in the future.

This is my go to plant shop on etsy plants...

This is my go to plant shop on etsy plants always arrives healthy and never had an issue with Hitchhikers and great Customer service

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