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Showing 1 - 24 of 228 products
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Pogostemon Erectus - [AquaticMotiv]Pogostemon Erectus - [AquaticMotiv]
AquaticMotiv Pogostemon Erectus
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Bacopa (Bacopa Caroliniana) - AquaticMotivBacopa (Bacopa Caroliniana) - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Bacopa (Bacopa Caroliniana)
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Red Flame Sword (Echinodorus Sp.) - AquaticMotivRed Flame Sword (Echinodorus Sp.) - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Red Flame Sword (Echinodorus Sp.)
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Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig - AquaticMotivAlternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig
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Rotala Blood Red - [AquaticMotiv]Rotala Blood Red - [AquaticMotiv]
AquaticMotiv Rotala Blood Red
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Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus Callitrichoides) Pot - AquaticMotivDwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus Callitrichoides) Pot - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus Callitrichoides) Pot
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Rotala Bonsai - AquaticMotivRotala Bonsai - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Rotala Bonsai
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Ludwigia Sp. 'Super Red Mini' - AquaticMotivLudwigia Sp. 'Super Red Mini' - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Ludwigia Sp. 'Super Red Mini'
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Dwarf Sag (Sagittaria Subulata 'Dwarf') - AquaticMotivDwarf Sag (Sagittaria Subulata 'Dwarf') - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Dwarf Sag (Sagittaria Subulata 'Dwarf')
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Anubias Nana (Dwarf Anubias) - AquaticMotivAnubias Nana (Dwarf Anubias) - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Anubias Nana (Dwarf Anubias)
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Hygrophila Angustifolia (Hygro. Corymbosa 'Augustifolia') Hygro. Willow - AquaticMotivHygrophila Angustifolia (Hygro. Corymbosa 'Augustifolia') Hygro. Willow - AquaticMotiv
Lobelia Cardinalis (Cardinal Plant 'Dwarf') - AquaticMotivLobelia Cardinalis (Cardinal Plant 'Dwarf') - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Lobelia Cardinalis (Cardinal Plant 'Dwarf')
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Pogostemon Stellatus (Narrow-Leaf) - AquaticMotivPogostemon Stellatus (Narrow-Leaf) - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Pogostemon Stellatus (Narrow-Leaf)
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Vallisneria Spiralis - AquaticMotivVallisneria Spiralis - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Vallisneria Spiralis
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Hygrophila Araguaia (Hygro Lancea 'Araguaia') - AquaticMotivHygrophila Araguaia (Hygro Lancea 'Araguaia') - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Hygrophila Araguaia (Hygro Lancea 'Araguaia')
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Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina - AquaticMotivAlternanthera Reineckii Lilacina - [AquaticMotiv]
AquaticMotiv Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina
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Fissidens Nobilis Moss MAT (Fissidens Nobilis) - AquaticMotivFissidens Nobilis Moss MAT (Fissidens Nobilis) - AquaticMotiv
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Ammania Gracilis - AquaticMotivAmmania Gracilis - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Ammania Gracilis
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Limnophila Hippuridoides - AquaticMotivLimnophila Hippuridoides - [AquaticMotiv]
AquaticMotiv Limnophila Hippuridoides
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Pearl Weed (Micranthemum Micranthemoides) Bunch - [AquaticMotiv]Pearl Weed (Micranthemum Micranthemoides) Bunch - [AquaticMotiv]
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Crypt Pink Flamingo Pot - AquaticMotivCrypt Pink Flamingo Pot - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Crypt Pink Flamingo Pot
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Crypt Balansae - [AquaticMotiv]Crypt Balansae - [AquaticMotiv]
AquaticMotiv Crypt Balansae
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Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'Green' - AquaticMotivCryptocoryne Wendtii 'Green' - AquaticMotiv
AquaticMotiv Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'Green'
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Limnophila Heterophylla - [AquaticMotiv]Limnophila Heterophylla - [AquaticMotiv]
AquaticMotiv Limnophila Heterophylla
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