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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Moss Tree Driftwood 12"Moss Tree Driftwood 12"
AquaticMotiv Moss Tree Driftwood 12"
Sale price$14.99
In stock, 13 units
6" Bonsai Driftwood6" Bonsai Driftwood
AquaticMotiv 6" Bonsai Driftwood
Sale price$43.99
In stock, 11 units
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8" Bonsai Driftwood
AquaticMotiv 8" Bonsai Driftwood
Sale price$42.99
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12" Bonsai Driftwood
AquaticMotiv 12" Bonsai Driftwood
Sale price$69.99
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6" Bonsai Driftwood Type B6" Bonsai Driftwood Type B
AquaticMotiv 6" Bonsai Driftwood Type B
Sale price$27.99 Regular price$39.99
In stock, 9 units
Save 29%
Java Moss (Taxiphyllum Barieri) PortionJava Moss (Taxiphyllum Barieri) Portion
AquaticMotiv Java Moss (Taxiphyllum Barieri) Portion
Sale price$4.99 Regular price$6.99
Sold out
Fissidens Nobilis Moss MAT (Fissidens Nobilis)Fissidens Nobilis Moss MAT (Fissidens Nobilis)
Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagnei)Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagnei)
AquaticMotiv Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagnei)
Sale price$5.99
Sold out
Weeping Moss (Vesicularia Ferriei)Weeping Moss (Vesicularia Ferriei)
AquaticMotiv Weeping Moss (Vesicularia Ferriei)
Sale price$5.99
Sold out
Seachem Flourish Glue
Seachem Seachem Flourish Glue
Sale price$8.99
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