6-in-1 Aquarium Water Test Strips 50 count

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Accurately monitor your aquarium's water parameters by using these 6-in-1 water test strips. Dip the test strip in water, take it out, read the result and toss. With these water test strips, you are able to diagnose, and remedy any potential problems that may arise in your aquarium.


Strip quantity:

- 50 test strips


- Hardness

- Chlorine

- Nitrate

- Nitrite

- Carbonate Root

- pH


How to use

1. STEP 1, dip one test strip into your aquarium for 2 seconds and remove.
2. STEP 2, wait 30 seconds.
3. STEP 3, read result by comparing the colors of the pads to the color chart.


To avoid inaccurate results:
1. Do not expose to moisture.
2. Do not touch the test pads with your fingers.
3. Store in cool/room temperature place.

Make sure you keep the bottle tightly sealed when not in use and don’t touch the test pads with your fingers.


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