7 Gallon Cubic Rimless Tank, 30X30X30cm 5mm Glass

Sale price$109.99


This Little Cubic Nano low-iron rimless/frameless glass tank provides you a good opportunity to create an unique and stylish aquarium on your desktop.

It is good for raising betta fish, plants or shrimps.

It is built with low-iron glass, also known as extra-clear glass, offering a more transparent visual effect than regular glass tank.

Length X Width X Height - 30cmX30cmX30cm (11.8 in X 11.8 in X 11.8 in )

Glass thickness - 5mm;

Volume - 7.1 Gallon;

Model- EC30. It fits 9W/12W Nano LED with bamboo board or 15W COB Spotlight.

A White Levering Mat is Included 

No lid included.

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