Christmas Moss 3" x 3" Mat (Vesicularia Montagnei)

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Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagnei), also known as Xmas Moss, is a plant native to Southeast Asia. This plant is one of the easiest mosses to grow in the aquarium hobby. It's extremely hardy and therefore great for beginners as it doesn't require Co2 (although it benefits from it) and will adjust to pretty much any range of water parameters. This is a plant that will grow best when attached to any aquarium surface, including - driftwood, rocks, and ornaments. It's a great alternative to Java Moss as it is low maintenance and more appealing.

Propagation is done by division - simply divide little pieces and attach them in different locations.

Purchase Size: 3" x 3" MAT

Care :
  • Tank size(Minimum): 5 Gal
  • Care: Very Easy
  • Temperature: 70-82
  • PH: 6.5-7.8
  • Max Size: 4
  • CO2: Not required
  • Lighting: Low

DISCLAIMER: It is the buyer's responsibility to know what plants are allowed/legal to keep in his/her state. Before purchasing do some research and make sure you are allowed to keep this particular plant species. You should always follow your State's laws regarding keeping live aquatic plants. 
Do NOT release any plants into the wild.

Customer Reviews

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Christina Balderson
Just beautiful!

The Moss comes on a 3 x 3 metal mat. You just have to cut the strings that were attaching it and you can then attach the Moss to anything. I attached mine to cholla logs for my Paludarium and it turned out perfect. I will definitely be ordering again! :-)

Great communication from the seller and th...

Great communication from the seller and the moss is still going strong several weeks later

I placed the Christmas moss mat on driftwo...

I placed the Christmas moss mat on driftwood by bending it to shape, and it's grown quite a bit and covered more of the wood. Lovely shape to this moss.

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