3 O-Ring Nerite Snails (Neritodryas javanica)

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Naturally from India, these Nerite Snails are some of the hardest to find in the aquarium hobby. They are easy to breed in captivity but their eggs will only hatch in brackish water, so you don't have to worry about them breeding in your aquarium. Nerite snails are extremely hardy and live in a vast variety of water parameters. They are very good scavengers that will dig under the gravel, if needed, to get that extra algae meal.

  • Great for planted tanks;
  • Will not breed in freshwater;
  • Active - Nerites are at work 24/7;
  • Safe for plants and any other aquarium inhabitants;;
  • The BEST at eating algae.
Nerite Snails eat a big variety of foods such as: 
  • Algae
  • Invertebrate Pellets
  • Decaying Plant Matter
  • Zucchini 
Care for them:
  • Tank size(Minimum): 10 Gal
  • Care: Very Easy
  • Temperature: 72-82
  • PH: 6.8-8.4
  • GH: 6-8
  • KH: 2-12
  • Lifespan: up to 4 Years
It is possible that some snails have some shell defects from their wild encounters.

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Selena Hubacher

3 O-Ring Nerite Snails (Neritodryas javanica)


3 O-Ring Nerite Snails (Neritodryas javanica)

Semi Aquatic at most

I am rating these a 2/5 only if kept in an aquarium. In a Paludarium, I suspect they'd quickly become the stars of the show and earn a 5/5.

I realize that all Nerite snails have the ability and occasional desire to rise above the water line especially if water quality is bad. This is different though. They're trying to climb out of the humid/wet area above the water line as well.

I have them in a tank with several nerites and all the nerites are actively eating all day and couldn't be happier. These guys just sit on the lid or the highest part of the tank 2-3" above the water line. They almost never go in. One day I couldn't see any of them and thought they disappeared only to find them reappear the next day. It's possible they were hidden under the rim or that they did briefly go in the water but for the most part they've spent 100% of their time above the water line.

I tried opening the lid and leaning it against the wall - the one that was on the lid climbed upward until he was about 18" above the water line and only then started to climb sideways. Their shells get bone dry and they don't care.

I'm pretty certain these are terrestrial snails that can tolerate being in water. I believe they want a basking spot like turtles do. I believe they use the water more supplementally than to live in.

Hello. Thank you for your review. We're very happy to know your snails arrived well and are doing fantastic :) These are indeed fully aquatc snails, and not land snails. What you described is totally normal behavior of nerite snails. Cheers.

Lisa Reed
Snail Love

I got these snails to get rid of some black algae in my tank. They have done a remarkable job! I am super happy I added these guys to my aquarium!

Alyssa Young

3 O-Ring Nerite Snails (Neritodryas javanica)

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