Full Spectrum COB LED Spotlight with Arm

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Product Features 

* Built in premium aluminum with black finish coated, this spotlight is ideal to illuminate a nano aquarium, a wabikusa, terrarium or a paludarium. The 360 degree adjustable lamp and height adjustable bracket offer you an easy and smooth operation when you do the maintenance on the tank. The included 1.5 inch wide mounting bracket fits glass with a thickness between 2mm-10mm.

* It is equipped with a COB (chip on board) led chip that provides a much higher packing density of the LED array (high lumen density) with less energy consumed compared with traditional LEDs, providing a compactness but attracting appearance. With less power consumed, this spot light has a superior thermal performance for increased life, stability and reliability.

* The full Spectrum LED is designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight to help your plants grow healthier and make plants look vivid. The lamp consistently emits wavelengths in the wide range, including those wavelengths visible to the human eye (what we perceive as color) and the invisible wavelengths, like ultraviolet and infrared. As a result, it will allow plants to grow healthily, as naturally grown in the sun. Also its CRI(RA) is above 80, better than other LED Lights.

* 15 Watts, 6500K White light with 1200 lumens.


* One Year Manufacturer Warranty,

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