HIRO Aquatics External Canister Filter 50G/70G/100G (Media Included)

Size: FCA800 - Up to 50 gallons
Sale price$109.99



- Compared with traditional in-Tank water filter, HIRO Aquatics external canister filters are less invasive, leaving more tank space, and make it easy to change and adjust media.

- It is equipped with Lift Lock Clamps that securely locks cover in place. Simply lift to open for easy maintenance. It also features built-in flow stop ball valve that stop the water flow easily without disconnecting hoses, eliminating leaks and mess.

- The FCA-800 Series filter is ideal for aquariums from 20-50 gallon (100L-200L). Pump performance is 800L/Hr. Unit measures at 7.8''X7.8''X14'' and weigh at 9lbs including accessories (without water).

- The FCA-1200 Series filter is ideal for aquariums from  50-70 gallon (200L-300L). Pump performance is 1200L/Hr. Unit measures at 7.8''X7.8''X17'' and weigh at 11lbs including accessories (without water).

- The FCA-1800 Series filter is ideal for aquariums from For aquariums from 70-100 gallon (300L-400L). Pump performance is 1800L/Hr. Unit measures at 11''X 11''X18'' and weigh at 16 lbs including accessories (without water). 

- Two baskets of media are included. The first one is the bio Sponge that optimizes the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria, which is essential to keep the tank clean, healthy, and odor free. The second one is Bio Ceramic Rings, which is also called Biological Bacteria House, it allows the encouragement of various helpful bacteria and provides strong biological purification. You may also DIY your own media by removing the pre-packed media bag and installing the new ones.

As for model# FCA-1200 and 1800, one more basket is included with activated carbon bag that rapidly adsorbs dissolved pollutants from water including yellow-brown tint, toxins, chlorine, most medications, and some heavy metals. 


* Motor Head X 1 pcs
* Canister House X 1 pcs
* Media baskets X 3 pcs (with media)
* Inlet/outlet Nozzle with Flow switch X 1 pcs
* Inlet Bar X 1 pcs
* Inlet net X 1pcs
* Outlet U shape Bar X 1 pcs
* Outlet Spray Bar X 1pcs
* Suction Cups X 4 pcs
* Hose X 2 rolls.


One year manufacture warranty and 30-days money back guarantee.

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