QANVEE Aquarium Scraper Cleaner

Style: Q1-26" Without Brush Head
Sale price$16.99



It is an ideal tool to remove the algae away from the tank. Blades are soft that never damage the glass surface.

Each order includes a scraper (15'' scraper+ 4.5'' extension rod =19.5 in total long) with five blades.
It is easy to install. Please make the blade dry every time when you finish cleaning to ensure a long life-span.


* a 15" scraper

* a 4.5" extension rod

* Five blades

* This scraper is only suitable for glass aquariums and fish tank, Never use it on plastic or acrylic aquariums.
* Do not use on dry surfaces, please rinse pad with tap water before and after each use for long consideration.
* Do not use a stainless steel scraper in high concentration saltwater, saltwater contains chlorine, which is corrosive to metals, including stainless steel.
* Please keep it away from the children as the blades are sharp.

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