S series WRGB Full Spectrum Planted Aquarium Light with Built-in Timer and Dimmable Control

Size: 50 W
Sale price$149.99


HIRO Aquatics S series Full Spectrum Aquarium WRGB Light features a square light plate with soft board included, a built-in cooling fan and a built-in timer.

WRGB provides four kinds of light- white light, red light, green light and blue light, covering almost all the spectrum plants needed for photosynthesis, not only improving the efficiency of plants' absorption of light energy but also helping coloration of plants. 

Also, strong light is a must if you want to raise any carpeting plants, red plants and any other high tech plants.

As you may know that light decay happens when light travels in a medium like glass or water and the light decay is very fast in the case of poor heat dissipation. Conversely, when the heat dissipation is good, the light decay is slower than that of fluorescent lamps. Equipped with a built-in sound-off cooling fan, the HIRO S Series light can help release heat very quickly and minimize light decay, ensuring maximum light energy can be transmitted to plants.

The built-in timer makes it easier to control the lighting time. There are 4 options available, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours. With just one touch, this light remembers the time it needs to start working every day and automatically turns on and off every 24 hours.

It fits 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch, 60 inch, 72 inch aquariums with tank capacity from 10 gallon, 20 gallon to 55 gallon or 120 gallon.

The bigger your tank is, the more lights you need. Please refer to the supporting image about the quantity you need.


*Consists of premium aluminum alloy bracket and WRGB Full Spectrum LED light plate. A fan is installed on the top for efficient heat dissipation.

* Please note: This light only suit for RIMLESS tank, tank glass should be thinner than 16mm(0.6inch). If your tank has a black trim, you may need to remove the trim first to ensure a safe installation. If you rimless tank glass is thicker than 16mm, please contact us before you buy and we will replace a bigger clip into your package for you.

* Brightness can be adjusted by the dimmable-control button. Built-in timer can be set four different timing durations-  6hr/8hr/10hr/12hr.

* Full Spectrum WRGB = White+Red+Green+Blue technology provides the correct light and color for your plants to grow health and look vivid.

* It is a must if you have any carpeting plants, red plants and any other high tech plants in your tank. Unlike other low wattage LED aquarium lights, these three high-wattage (50W/70W/90W) lights ensure sufficient light energy to be delivered your plants and promote their daily photosynthesis and color pigmentation.

* 100-240V, US standard plug.

* 50W-Luminous Flux: 2500-3000 Lumens. Color Temperature- 7250K

* 70W-Luminous Flux: 3500-4000 Lumens. Color Temperature- 7250K

* 95W-Luminous Flux: 5500-6000 Lumens. Color Temperature- 9000-12000K

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