VENO Elite Aquarium CO2 Regulator w/ Duo Gauges and Bubble Counter

Sale price$99.99



- It fits North American CO2 cylinder with CGA320 adapter.

- 110V with US 3 Pin Plug.

- Made of premium aluminum with blue coating, this regulator has a fine tuning valve that can precisely control the CO2 output and also has a bubble counter that can easily set 1 bubble for every 2-3 seconds.

- With the included low temperature selenoid valve, it is easier to connect this with a timer to control the working time. One single gauge clearly display the working status of the CO2 system. Leaking gas or excessive pressure is clear at a glance.

- Build-in Check Valve is included to prevent water flow back into the regulator and CO2 cylinder. Maximum Inlet pressure- 1500 psi. Maximum outlet Pressure: 1-45 psi.



  • Size - 5.9 inch wide X 6.1 inch High
  • Weight-1.1 lbs
  • US Standard CGA320 connection

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