Complete CO2 System 5 lb.

CO2 Regulator: CO2ART Dual Stage
Diffuser Type: Glass Slanted
Sale price$319.99


This complete CO2 system includes:

1x 5 lb Co2 cylinder

1x Dual Stage or Single stage Regulator

1x Bubble Counter

1x 8 ft silicone tubing

1x Diffuser


From the options available, you can choose the type of regulator as well as your preferred co2 diffuser.


5 lb Co2 Cylinder

- Manufactured in 2021

- Made from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6

- Service Pressure: - 1800 psi / 124 bar. Threads: - B5

Cylinder is shipped empty.


PRO-SE Series - Aquarium CO2 Dual Stage Regulator with Integrated Solenoid and Bubble Counter

Completely redesigned with new pressure stabilization construction. Much larger internal springs are giving safety and precision at the highest level.

Dual stage design minimizes an increase in output pressure as pressure drops in gas cylinder and will prevent end-tank-dump keeping your aquarium livestock safe and CO2 levels constant.

  • Safe 12V DC Integrated Solenoid Valve 
  • Power adapter with universal voltage 100V-240V
  • New quality design and completely new construction.
  • Innovative design provides extreme accuracy and safety.
  • Integrated Solenoid Valve.
    • Adjustable working pressure up to +/- 40PSI (3 BAR) which makes an excellent product for both Tropical and Marine Aquariums.
    • Needle valve with bubble counter included.
    • Dual gauge pressure indicators (tank volume and flow pressure / working pressure)
    • Due to Two Stages construction compatible with any size CO2 Cylinders.
    • The thread is made according to North America CGA320 standard.


    MUFAN Aquarium CO2 Regulator w/ Solenoid Valve and bubble counter (Single Stage)

    • Cryogenic solenoid valve, with corrosion resistance, longer service life
    • Equipped with double meter, clear working condition display
    • Polished stainless steel surface, delicate, exquisite and durable
    • Professional sealing technology, high adjustment accuracy
    • Material: 3.4 stainless steel + aluminum alloy


    8 Feet Silicone Tubing

    Premium quality CO2 resistant tubing for planted aquariums. High pressure rated. Great for use with our CO2 accessories and complete kits!


    AQUAPRO Acrylic co2 diffuser - Medium Size

    1. The air output is fine and the dissolution rate is high, more practical.
    2. The main body made of imported fine workmanship acrylic material, glittering and translucent, dazzling and eye-catching.
    3. Refiner using the excellent MBKT technology manufacturing, bring good refinement effect.
    4. With independent bubble counting function at the same time, perfect combination with refining.
    5. Red chip need less pressure, especially easy to outlet air, saving more materials.

    Slanted Aquarium Glass CO2 Diffuser

    Spiral Glass CO2 Diffuser

    Aquarium Glass CO2 Diffuser Kit


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