Hygger Full Spectrum LED Plant Light 12" to 55"

Size: 18" - 24"
Sale price$42.99


Product Features

 - Great for planted aquariums

- LCD Timer display

- 24 Hour cycle mode

- DIY mode

- Excellent heat dissipation


LCD Display Timer

Integrated timer allows for multi-function: 24-hour auto cycle mode; DIY mode; Custom light color and intensity; Fine tuning; Color gradient loop schedule.

Additionally, the timer provides a slow ramp up and down that prevents light shock. The memory function keeps local time in sync - remembers the programming of daylight/moonlight mode and DIY mode.

To learn more about timer operation, refer to the Hygger HG-957 Aquarium Light User Manual.


Waterproof IP68

Waterproof, easy to clean and wipe.


24-hour Auto Cycle Mode

In default auto cycle mode, you can use daylight and moonlight option to create your own custom 24 hours light cycle. Choose auto on/off time, and adjust light color and intensity for moonlight options. Gradual 24-hour light cycle settings simulates sunrise, midday, sunset, and night.

Preset lighting turns on at 6:30 AM and turn off at 11:30 PM (6:30 AM - 6:30 PM daylight, 6:30 PM - 11:30 PM moonlight). You can change the start and end time of the light according to your needs. In this mode, daylight color is pre-set to full spectrum and not able to be changed. The moonlight preset color is blue and can be adjustable.


High-quality led aquarium light

Color rendering index is close to natural light, protecting eyes and fish, to refuse the discomfort caused by stroboscopic for fish and viewers. Using high-quality 2835 + 5050 model lamp beads, it has a long service life for at least 50,000 hours.

DIY Mode

To enable DIY mode, press the settings icon and light icon simultaneously until the display reads “OFF”. Press the arrow up/down button - display will read “ON”. Then press the settings button again to save it. After that, DIY mode is enabled.

In DIY mode, you can use eight time slots (L1-L8) to create your own custom 24-hour light cycle. On/off time and light intensity for each slot can be customized.

Light is set to full spectrum only - colors are not customizable. You can only alter the brightness.

After setting DIY mode, please remember to reset local time to activate the DIY settings.


Excellent heat dissipation

Using 1.2mm thick aluminum, the fin design increases the heat dissipation area. There is a heat dissipation sticker between the lamp bead and the aluminum material with no gap, and the heat is directly radiated to the outside, so the heat will not be stored in the light.

Note that the residual heat will damage the lamp beads, light decay, and even damage the power supply after a long time.


Brand: Hygger

Model: HG-957

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

Output Voltage: DC 20V

 Rendering Index: 89

Color Temperature (Kelvin): 6500K-10000K

Power 20W 26W 36W 48W 60W 72W
LED Quantity (Pcs) 40 68 112 144 178 248
Light Size (Inches) 12 18 24 30 36 48
Applicable Aquarium Length (Inches) 12-18 18-24 24-30 30-36 36-42 48-55
Lumens 927 1290 1984 2365 2879 3346

Power cord length:

20W, 26W - 4.9'

36W, 48W, 60W, 72W - 8.8'


Package includes:
1 x LED Light
1 x AC/DC power adapter
2 x Metal bracket
1 x User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Deryk Kerschner
Great light

Set up was simple and easy. It arrived fast and packaged well. Light is very bright and my plants and fish are loving the new upgrade!

Marie Roenke
Sleek, high quality light for plant growing!

This light has been a wonderful upgrade from the old hood I had. The design looks sleek on my rimless tank, and the plants are already growing noticeably faster (the pearlweed has even started to carpet)! The programming took a few days to get straightened out, but once I let it cycle through a few times I have it set like I want (probably should've read the instructions a little more carefully...). I haven't dropped it in the water yet, but I have dribbled water on it while planting things and it has suffered no ill-effects so far. Now I need another for my other tank!

aedan ranson
Great light for a great price

Don't bother with those cheap lights on Amazon. Get a Hygger. They are affordable and the very best for the price. Comes with a fully and easily programmable interface. My plants have been growing like mad ever since I got this light.

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