Spider Wood

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Size: 6"-10"
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Spider wood is a tan piece of driftwood that will become dark brown once submerged. There are a lot of people Aquascaping with this driftwood because every single piece is different and it adds personality to any aquarium. Spider wood is filled with unique features that will easily recreate a natural look and therefore a natural environment for the fish.
  • Plant safe;
  • Amazing shapes;
  • Great for Aquascaping;
  • Natural look.
Keep in mind that: 
  • pictures above are a simple representation of the shapes you might get;
  • all our driftwood was pre-selected from our supplier;
  • you will always receive a piece with great aesthetics.
Please Note:
  1. Before adding to the tank - Spider wood is a natural product so make sure to rinse and soak you driftwood in water to reduce the natural release of organic acids that will tint you aquarium water. You can also boil your driftwood piece to help this process.
  2. Some driftwood pieces may float in the beginning and that is totally normal. If your piece still floats after going through the process mentioned above (1), you will have to leave your wood in a bucket of water. They usually sink after a day of soaking.

Customer Reviews

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Love this, slows down the flow in my tank...

Love this, slows down the flow in my tank for my aging Betta

Such a unique piece of art

Such a unique piece of art

Item was just as expected

Item was just as expected

Is order well packaged received in a timel...

Is order well packaged received in a timely manner

Austin Gosney

Absolutely wonderful experience. Will order again soon. Francisco is the bomb. He helps out so much. I ordered a alot of plants and every single one came alive and on time. The quantity and quality of the plants cant be beat.
From the plants to the customer service, it is all outstanding.

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