2 Snails (Color Contrast Pack)

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- You will get 1 Zebra Nerite Snail and 1 Purple Mystery Snail.

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Eddie Gonzales
alive and well

Its been just short of a month since i ordered more than the snails everything alive and healthy doing very well..
I never ordered live anything online before and everything from this company was great and even answered some questions i had about some things i had once my order got here.
All i want to say is they earned a repeat customer from cali.

Josh Mathis

Thank you!!

Melissa Robinson
I'll never go anywhere else for snails or plants again

I've received two separate orders and am working on a 3rd now! Everything arrived fast, alive and thriving. Even in the shipment that was delayed a whole day with my snails spending the night on a UPS truck outside in the middle of a huge snowstorm, all alive and healthy! Plants also super lush and healthy, one one dead leaf to be found. Communication with the store was awesome. These folks care, 100%. I can't recommend them enough!

Exactly what I needed, and much cuter than expected!

I have a nano tank setup that needed a cleanup crew. Diatoms had taken over and algae was starting to form. I really only needed the nerite, but the mystery snail in the picture looked pretty so I thought why not? Maybe they’d work in tandem since I know they have some different preferences as far as what they eat. Both snails arrived alive and healthy (though very tired, I didn’t order a heat pack and it was cold when I got them. That was my fault, but they’re okay!) and are currently in their tank and loving it. The mystery snail has quickly become my favorite, it just nyooms around the tank all day.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with this purchase and the customer service I received when I reached out to ask about heat packs after the fact when I realized they were separate. I’ve already recommended my friends check them out, so I would not hesitate to suggest anyone do the same!

Carmen Greicar

Started cruising around as soon as I put them in the tank. The mystery snail is so fun the watch and the nerite is on a mission to clean my tank.

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