Aquarium Digital LCD Thermometer w/ suction cup

Sale price$7.99


This digital LCD aquarium thermometer allows you to easily and accurately measure the temperature of your aquarium water.

  • SIMPLE DESIGN - This Aquarium Thermometer is an attractive but simple unit with no over-complicated controls. The unit itself is blue, and features a clear plastic trim around the edges.


  • WATERPROOF - This aquarium thermometer is completely waterproof, you can put it in the fish tank, for real-time monitoring of water temperature


  • SUCTION CUP FOR EASE OF PLACEMENT - Just find the best spot in the fish tank, then attach the unit's suction cup to the glass to keep the thermometer in place until removal is required.


  • VERY SIMPLE TO OPERATE - No instructions necessary. This is the simplest aquarium thermometer on the market with no buttons to operate. The temperature range is from -58°F to 158°F allowing you to use this aquarium thermometer in the majority of temperature conditions.

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