Complete CO2 System 20oz

Diffuser type: Glass
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This 20oz complete co2 system is a conversion from a Paintball cylinder. Used in the aquarium hobby for years, this paintball conversion kit is extremely safe and durable. 


Please, see bottom of description for easy assembly.

This complete CO2 system includes:

1x 20oz Co2 cylinder

1x Pro-Series co2 Adapter

1x Single stage regulator with dual gauge

1x Bubble Counter

1x 8 ft silicone tubing

1x Diffuser


From the options available, you can choose your preferred diffuser for your kit.


20oz Co2 Cylinder

  • Output Pressure – 800 psi
  • Tank Pressure – 800 psi
  • Bottle Material – Aluminum
  • Weight – 1 lbs 11.6 oz
  • Overall Length – 10.5 inches
Cylinder is shipped empty.


    MUFAN Aquarium CO2 Regulator w/ Solenoid Valve and bubble counter (Single Stage)

    • Cryogenic solenoid valve, with corrosion resistance, longer service life
    • Equipped with double meter, clear working condition display
    • Polished stainless steel surface, delicate, exquisite and durable
    • Professional sealing technology, high adjustment accuracy
    • Material: 3.4 stainless steel + aluminum alloy


    Pro-Series CO2 Adapter for Paintball Tank (to CGA320)

    - Adjustable precision ON/OFF pin valve.

    - Elbow design allows correct horizontal CO2 regulator installation.

     - Made with anti-corrosion and durable materials.


    8 Feet Silicone Tubing

    Premium quality CO2 resistant tubing for planted aquariums. High pressure rated. Great for use with our CO2 accessories and complete kits!



    AQUAPRO Acrylic co2 diffuser - Small Size

    1. The air output is fine and the dissolution rate is high, more practical.
    2. The main body made of imported fine workmanship acrylic material, glittering and translucent, dazzling and eye-catching.
    3. Refiner using the excellent MBKT technology manufacturing, bring good refinement effect.
    4. With independent bubble counting function at the same time, perfect combination with refining.
    5. Red chip need less pressure, especially easy to outlet air, saving more materials.

    Option 2:

    Slanted Aquarium Glass CO2 Diffuser

    Option 3:

    Aquarium Glass CO2 Diffuser Kit


    How to assemble and install a CO2 Paintball kit conversion?

    Most people are hesitant about buying a co2 system because they think it might be hard to put together or even dangerous. It is actually a very simple and straight forward, SAFE process. We will be explaining how to assemble and install this particular kit but the process will be pretty much the same for other cylinder brands and regulators.


    Once you receive your 20oz CO2 Kit, make sure to set all the parts aside. You will have 5 products:


    1) 20oz CO2 tank

    2) Regulator with bubble counter

    3) Adapter

    4) Silicone tubing

    5) Diffuser

    Optional) You can use Teflon tape/Thread sealing tape on the co2 tank and adapter thread to ensure no leaks but as long as these two are properly tight, it won't be necessary.


    NOTE: Keep in mind that the co2 cylinder will ship empty and you would have to fill it up before continuing the assembly process. Any sport stores and especially welding places will fill up these bottles. It is very affordable ($6-$10) and should last over 2 months.

    Once your bottle is filled and you have all the 5 items on hand, you are ready to start.


    Step 1) Put your 20oz CO2 tank on top of a table;

    Step 2) Attach co2 adapter to co2 tank; VERY IMPORTANT: there is a knob on the co2 adapter. Before attaching it to your bottle, make sure the knob is completely shut/OFF.

    Step 3) Attach your regulator to the co2 adapter; NOTE: There is also a small knob on the right side of the regulator (by the bubble counter) that needs to be shut/OFF.

    Step 4) Add water to the bubble counter (3/4 of water is enough) by unscrewing the top cap. Then screw the bubble counter onto the regulator; (Usually the bubble counter already comes attached onto your regulator but simply make sure it is properly tight) 

    Step 5) Connect one end of your silicone tubing to the bubble counter and the other end to your glass diffuser.


    ... AND THAT IS IT! You have fully assembled your co2 system. 

    Now, let's go to the best part which is turning it on!


    How to install your co2 paintball conversion system into your aquarium?

    Again, this is a very simple and safe process. Make sure to take the following steps:


    Step 1) Place your co2 tank in a good location (under the cabinet for example). Then, run the silicone tubing behind your aquarium and with the suction cups provided, attach the diffuser onto the inside glass of your aquarium, by the gravel line;

    Step 2) Plug in regulator solenoid valve;

    Step 3) Open up the ADAPTER knob. Simply unscrew the knob to let the pressure reach the regulator. NOTE: As soon as you open this valve, you will see pressure on the regulator gauges right away.

    Step 4) SLOWLY start opening the regulator knob until you see bubble coming out. Depending on how densely planted your aquarium is, we recommend dosing about 2 bubbles per second.

    It will take a couple of minutes until you see bubbles coming out of the diffuser as the air has to travel through the silicone tubing to reach the diffuser and at 2 bubbles per second, it can take some time.


    And just like that you are officially done!


    If there are any questions or concerns, please, feel free to e-mail or call our store. We will happily walk you through the process which should not take longer than 5 minutes.

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