Juncus Repens AF Tissue Culture

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Juncus Repens is a mid-ground, grass-like marsh plant that can adjust to a wide range of water parameters and therefore great for beginners. This plant is indigenous to North America but farmed all over the globe. This unique plant has green, thin leaves that will show some red coloration if the right lighting conditions are provided. It doesn't require co2 but it benefits greatly from it. 
It is easily propagated by simply cutting the stem and re-planting it in the substrate.

  • Easy to grow and propagate;
  • Unique plant;
  • Green and Red coloration;
  • Provides great shelter for smaller fish and inverts.
Care :
  • Tank size(Minimum): 10 Gal
  • Care: Easy
  • Temperature: 74-82
  • PH: 6.8-7.8
  • Max Size: 10" tall 
  • CO2: Not required
  • Lighting: Moderate

Tissue Culture Cup size: 3" Diameter

DISCLAIMER: It is the buyer's responsibility to know what plants are allowed/legal to keep in his/her state. Before purchasing do some research and make sure you are allowed to keep this particular plant species. You should always follow your State's laws regarding keeping live aquatic plants. 
Do NOT release any plants into the wild.

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