MARGGOO MA14 Series Full Spectrum Light

Model: MA14-L30
Sale price$74.99


MA14-L30 fits aquariums between 12" and 18"
MA14-L45 fits aquariums between 18" and 24"
MA14-L60 fits aquariums between 24" and 31"
MA14-L90 fits aquariums between 36" and 48"
MA14-L120 fits aquariums between  48" and 59"
All lights come with a button controller included.
Hang kit included.


Customer Reviews

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Kade Tiboni

If you’re looking to use the app feature for the light. You have to order the adapter for it. And when you do find it, it takes four weeks to come in. Other than that, it’s a great working light.

Hello Kade. Thank you for your review.

There are 3 seperate types of controlling methods for this light: 1) Button Switch; 2) Button Controller; 3) Bluetooth dongle (for app use). This one in particular comes with the button controller option as stated in the item's description: 'All lights come with a button controller included.'

If you contact the manufacturer directly for parts, it can take some time for processing and shipping. If you contact us, we have all parts in our warehouse which ship and arrive within a couple o days.

Glad to hear the light is working great :)

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