3 Japanese Trapdoor Snails

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Originating from Asia, the Trapdoor Snail is very common in the aquarium hobby. Most Trapdoor Snails are captive-bred/farm raised these days. This incredible snail has a spiral like brown-green shell that can get up to 2" in length and about 1.5" wide. Trapdoors are a great addition to any aquarium and ponds. Since its big and robust (and has an amazing protective 'trapdoor') you can put this animal with any bigger fish. As long as the snail is big enough not to fit in the predator's mouth, you should be ok. 
Since this snail can get pretty heavy we don't recommend adding it to a heavily planted tank with thin stemmed plants as it will lift them from the substrate or might break the stem trying to climb. 
These snails are extremely hardy and live in a vast variety of water parameters. Very slow moving gastropods, always hungry and that will grown in a heart-beat.

  • Great at consuming algae;
  • Active 24/7;
  • Very robust and heavy snail;
  • Very peaceful.
Trapdoor Snails eat a big variety of foods such as: 
  • Algae
  • Algae Wafers
  • Invertebrate Pellets
  • Decaying Plant Matter
  • Zucchini 
Care for them:
  • Tank size(Minimum): 10 Gal
  • Care: Very Easy
  • Temperature: 50-82
  • PH: 7.4-8.0
  • GH: 6-8
  • KH: 2-12
  • Lifespan: up to 5 Years


It is possible that some snails have some shell defects from their wild encounters.

Customer Reviews

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Kari Gronros
I love these snails!

I’d never had snails before I ordered yellow mystery snails from this site they were so wonderful I wanted to try different snails, so I ordered these these. I love them so much they have become my new obsession, and I don’t think I will ever lose my fascination with them. They arrived in great health, and started moving around and exploring immediately. They are the most elegant fascinating creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of caring for. Once again, I would never order snails, or any other creature from anyone other than AquaticMotiv! They are the most caring, responsible, and responsive sellers I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I only wish I lived closer to their store, so I could go and pick out what I want with their help. You will not regret ordering snails from them!

James Pierce
Customer Service is Exceptional

Associates answered all my questions and gave me advice for my tank. Will be buying more soon

Jami R
Gorgeous snails, didn’t live

The snails were stunning in color. I ordered 3, along with several other kinds of snails. 2 of the japanese trapdoor were dead within 2 days and the third died within the first week. Everything else I ordered is thriving and looks great so it seems to be an issue with just those snails. Disappointed because they were gorgeous.

Hello. We are sorry to hear that. We have a 100% live arrival guarantee and you are always covered. We were not aware of this situation but if there are any issues with our snails upon arrival, just contact us with a simple picture and we will take care of you. Glad to know all the other snails are doing great. Thank you.

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