Coconut Hut w/ holes

Size: Pack of 1
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Name: Coconut hut with holes

Item purchase size: 4" - 5"

Quantity/Sold as: pack of 1; pack of 2; pack of 4.

Imported from: Sri Lanka

What are aquarium botanicals?

Aquarium botanicals are natural materials like pods, leaves, sticks, branches, and seeds that are beneficial to most aquariums. They help mimicking a fish’s natural environment while providing beneficial compounds to the water column and prevent diseases. Aquarium botanicals will release tannins to the water naturally which is perfect for black water ecosystems. Such botanicals exist in most natural freshwater ecosystems around the world. Older tree leaves and branches will fall, and eventually end up sinking to the bottom of a lake or pond, that’s why having botanicals in your aquarium is beneficial for your fish as they will engage in natural behavior.


We strongly recommend taking the steps below before adding your new botanicals into the tank.

Step 1) Remove botanicals from original packaging and rinse them in water.

Step 2) Boil in freshwater for 20 minutes and remove from boiling water.

Step 3) Soak your botanicals again in plain cold freshwater for 4 hours.

Step 4) Rinse them one last time and they are now ready to be placed in your aquarium.

To keep in mind:

  • aquarium botanicals will naturally release tannins to the water which will give it a yellowish appearance;
  • aquarium botanicals can slightly lower the ph of your aquarium;
  • when adding aquarium botanicals to your aquarium, make sure to do it gradually. We recommend adding 4-5 pieces at a time;
  • some botanicals can develop a white-fuzzy material in certain places. This is bacteria growth and part of the process. Totally normal and will not harm your fish.
  • aquarium botanicals are natural products so they may vary slightly in color or size;

Safe to use with all fish and inverts. Not for human consumption.

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